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   Formosa Bluetooth Device версия
   Supported devices
   HP integrated module with Bluetooth wireless technology USB\VID_03F0&PID_011D
   HP USB BT Transceiver [1.2] USB\VID_03F0&PID_0624
   HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology USB\VID_03F0&PID_171D
   HP Bluetooth Wireless Print and PC Adapter USB\VID_03F0&PID_D104
   National Semiconductor Bluetooth Board USB\VID_0400&PID_0807
   TECOM Bluetooth Device USB\VID_041E&PID_5015
   Sony Bluetooth Device USB\VID_044E&PID_2014
   Alps Bluetooth Device USB\VID_044E&PID_3001
   TI Mistral Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0451&PID_1234
   TI Mistral Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0451&PID_FFFF
   Microsoft Bluetooth Device USB\VID_045E&PID_007E
   Bluetooth wireless hub USB\VID_046D&PID_C707
   Bluetooth wireless hub USB\VID_046D&PID_C708
   Bluetooth wireless hub USB\VID_046D&PID_C709
   Bluetooth wireless hub USB\VID_046D&PID_C70D
   Philips BluePearl Bluetooth USB Device USB\VID_0471&PID_0809
   Kensington Bluetooth Device USB\VID_047D&PID_105D
   Kensington Bluetooth EDR Dongle USB\VID_047D&PID_105E
   STMicroeletronics USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0483&PID_5000
   Bluetooth Multiport Module by Compaq USB\VID_049F&PID_0027
   Bluetooth by hp USB\VID_049F&PID_0086
   Panasonic Bluetooth Device USB\VID_04AD&PID_2501
   TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor USB\VID_04BF&PID_0309
   Bluetooth Ultraport Module from IBM USB\VID_04BF&PID_030A
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth USB\VID_04BF&PID_0310
   Bluetooth Ultraport Module from IBM USB\VID_04BF&PID_0317
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth USB\VID_04BF&PID_0318
   TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor USB\VID_04BF&PID_0319
   TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor USB\VID_04BF&PID_0320
   Samsung Bluetooth Device USB\VID_04E8&PID_7021
   Belkin Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter USB\VID_050D&PID_0083
   ICSI Bluetooth USB Device USB\VID_0547&PID_0001
   Samsung Bluetooth Device USB\VID_055D&PID_0BB1
   Silicon Wave Bluetooth Device USB\VID_05B1&PID_1389
   BCM92045DG-Flash USB\VID_07B8&PID_B02B
   BCM92045DG-Flash USB\VID_07B8&PID_B02C
   Bluetooth device firmware upgrade USB\VID_07B8&PID_B02D
   Bluetooth dongle firmware upgrade USB\VID_07B8&PID_B02E
   Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_08EA&PID_ABBA
   CSR USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001
   Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2009
   Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_200A
   ThinkPad Integrated Bluetooth IV USB\VID_0A5C&PID_201E
   Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2020
   Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2045
   Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2100
   Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2101
   ANYCOM Blue USB-200/250 USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2102
   ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2110
   ANYCOM Blue USB-UHE 200/250 USB\VID_0A5C&PID_2111
   Zeevo Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0B7A&PID_07D0
   Ericsson BV USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0BDB&PID_1000
   Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device 1.2 USB\VID_0BDB&PID_1002
   Fujitsu Siemens USB Device USB\VID_0BF8&PID_1003
   Silicon Wave Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0C10&PID_0000
   Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0C24&PID_0001
   Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Device2 USB\VID_0C24&PID_0002
   TECOM Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0D62&PID_2026
   Formosa Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0D9A&PID_0001
   MSI USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0DB0&PID_1967
   MSI USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0DB0&PID_6855
   MSI USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0DB0&PID_6970
   MSI USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0DB0&PID_697A
   Microtune USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0F4D&PID_1000
   GIANT Bluetooth Device USB\VID_0FD1&PID_0001
   ISSC USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_1131&PID_1001
   Itronix Bluetooth Device USB\VID_11D9&PID_2600
   Air2U Bluetooth Device USB\VID_1310&PID_0001
   Broadcom ROM dongle USB\VID_1310&PID_0002
   Linksys Bluetooth USB Adapter USB\VID_13B1&PID_0019
   Microlink-Foxlink Bluetooth Device USB\VID_148D&PID_2430
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth II USB\VID_1668&PID_0441
   Actiontec USB Bluetooth Device BTM200 USB\VID_1668&PID_0500
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth III USB\VID_1668&PID_2441
   Bluetooth COM One Device USB\VID_174B&PID_0001
   Formosa 1 USB\VID_2001&PID_F111
   Formosa 2 USB\VID_2001&PID_F116
   Formosa 3 USB\VID_2001&PID_F117
   Formosa 4 USB\VID_2001&PID_F118
   Motorola USB Bluetooth Device USB\VID_22B8&PID_0850
   Sitecom USB Bluetooth Dongle USB\VID_3574&PID_21F4
   Sitecom USB Bluetooth Dongle USB\VID_3574&PID_21F6
   Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module USB\VID_413C&PID_8000
   Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Card USB\VID_413C&PID_8103
   Dell Wireless 3xx Bluetooth Internal Card USB\VID_413C&PID_8110
   Dell Bluetooth USB Adapter USB\VID_413C&PID_8501
   Formosa Bluetooth Device USB\VID_4851&PID_1103

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