Download Drivers Intel 8x930Hx USB Hub

   Intel 8x930Hx USB Hub
   Supported devices
   U.S. Robotics Voice Serial Wave Device MODEMWAVE\U.S._ROBOTICS_56K_VOICE_PRO_USB
   U.S. Robotics Voice Serial Wave Device MODEMWAVE\U.S._ROBOTICS_56K_VOICE_PRO_USB_#2
   ???? Universal PCI to USB ?????? ?????? PCI\CC_0C0300
   ???? OpenHCI USB ?????? ?????? PCI\CC_0C0310
   Compaq PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_0E11&DEV_A0F8
   Symbios Logic SYM61C102 USB Host Controller PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0901
   National Semiconductor PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_100B&DEV_0012
   AMD 756 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_740C
   NEC USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_0035
   NEC USB Open Host Controller (E5-E11) PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_0035&REV_01
   NEC USB Open Host Controller (E13+) PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_0035&REV_02
   SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1039&CC_0C0300
   SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1039&CC_0C0310
   SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_7001
   SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_7001&SUBSYS_00000000
   OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1045&CC_0C0300
   OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1045&CC_0C0310
   OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1045&DEV_C861
   OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1045&DEV_C861&SUBSYS_C8611045
   CMD USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1095&CC_0C0300
   CMD USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1095&CC_0C0310
   Rev 04 CMD USB controller not supported by Microsoft PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_0670&REV_04
   CMD USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_0673
   CMD USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_0673&SUBSYS_06701095
   ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_10B9&DEV_5237
   VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3038
   Lucent USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_11C1&CC_0C0300
   Lucent USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_11C1&CC_0C0310
   Lucent USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_5801
   Lucent USB Open Host Controller PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_5801&SUBSYS_580111C1
   Intel 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2412
   Intel 82801AB USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2422
   Intel 82371SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_7020
   Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_7112
   Intel 82440MX PCI to USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_719A
   Intel 82372FB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_7602
   ???? USB ???? USB\CLASS_09
   ???? USB ???? USB\CLASS_09&SUBCLASS_01
   USB ???? ???? USB\COMPOSITE
   USB ??? ???? USB\ROOT_HUB
   USB ??? ???? (???????? ???? ?÷?? ????) USB\ROOT_HUB_DBC
   ?? ?? ???? ???? USB\UNKNOWN
   Key Tronic Composite USB Device USB\VID_03F9&PID_0102
   National Semiconductor USB Hub USB\VID_0400&PID_1237
   Sand USB Hub USB\VID_0405&PID_0000
   NEC Composite USB Device USB\VID_0409&PID_0011
   NEC Composite USB Device USB\VID_0409&PID_0014
   NEC Composite USB Device USB\VID_0409&PID_0203
   NEC USB Hub USB\VID_0409&PID_55AA
   NEC USB Intellibase Hub USB\VID_0409&PID_8010
   NEC USB Intellibase Hub USB\VID_0409&PID_8011
   Winbond USB Hub USB\VID_0416&PID_0101
   ???? USB ???? USB\VID_0419&PID_8001
   Computer Access Technology Corporation USB Hub USB\VID_0423&PID_1237
   Intel 8x931Hx Customer Hub USB\VID_042B&PID_9316
   Fujitsu USB Composite Device USB\VID_0430&PID_0002
   Fujitsu USB Bus Powered Hub USB\VID_0430&PID_36BA
   NMB Composite USB Device USB\VID_0446&PID_6781
   ???? ???? USB ???? USB\VID_0451&PID_1446
   Microsoft ???? USB ???? USB\VID_045E&PID_001C
   Microsoft USB ????? ???? ???? USB\VID_045E&PID_001D
   Cherry GmbH USB-Hub USB\VID_046A&PID_0003
   BTC ???? USB ???? USB\VID_046E&PID_6782
   Philips Semiconductors CICT Composite USB Device USB\VID_0471&PID_0101
   Philips USB Hub USB\VID_0471&PID_0201
   Philips ???? USB ???? USB\VID_0471&PID_0302
   Philips Composite USB Device USB\VID_0471&PID_0601
   Philips Semiconductors CICT USB Hub USB\VID_0471&PID_0700
   Silitek USB Composite Device USB\VID_047B&PID_0002
   Yamaha Composite USB Device USB\VID_0499&PID_3001
   API Composite USB Device USB\VID_04A5&PID_0003
   Nokia USB Hub Type P USB\VID_04A6&PID_0180
   MultiVideo Labs USB Hub USB\VID_04A8&PID_0101
   U.S. Robotics USB Modem USB\VID_04C1&PID_0097
   Lucent USB Modem USB\VID_04C9&PID_F101
   Lite On USB Hub USB\VID_04CA&PID_9304
   Altec Lansing ???? USB ?????? ???? USB\VID_04D2&PID_0070
   Altec Lansing ???? USB ?????? ???? USB\VID_04D2&PID_FF47
   Altec Lansing ???? USB ?????? ???? USB\VID_04D2&PID_FF49
   Iiyama USB Hub USB\VID_04E1&PID_0201
   Chicony Composite USB Device USB\VID_04F2&PID_0001
   ???? USB ???? ???? USB\VID_04FA&PID_4201
   KC Technology USB Hub USB\VID_050F&PID_0001
   ???? ???? USB ???? USB\VID_0510&PID_1000
   Sony USB HUB USB\VID_054C&PID_0001
   ???? USB HUB USB\VID_054C&PID_0002
   ???? E.M. USB ???? USB\VID_055D&PID_8001
   Telex Composite USB Device USB\VID_0562&PID_0000
   EIZO USB Hub USB\VID_056D&PID_0000
   Forward Composite USB Device USB\VID_05BC&PID_0001
   Rainbow Composite USB Device USB\VID_05D5&PID_6782
   STSL Composite USB Device USB\VID_05FA&PID_3303
   Solid Year Composite USB Device USB\VID_060B&PID_2101
   Granite Microsystems USB Hub USB\VID_0654&PID_0006
   Granite Microsystems USB Hub USB\VID_0654&PID_0016
   Labtec USB Composite Device USB\VID_0672&PID_1041
   CTX USB Hub USB\VID_0698&PID_9999
   Compaq 56K USB External Fax Modem USB\VID_1183&PID_4008
   Intel 8x930Hx USB Hub USB\VID_8086&PID_9303

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